Terms And Conditions For Customers/ Students

  • You certify that all provided information Via Website or Otherwise including gender of student, no of student, address, ID proof etc are correct to best of your knowledge.
  • You understand that Topper Home Tutors is a home tutoring marketplace and will facilitate the finding of a quality home tutor for your child.
  • You understand that there is a non-refundable Topper Home Tutors Fees.
  • In consideration of the home tuition provided by the tutor, you agree to pay a predefined amount to the tutor .
  • You understand that, to the extent possible, Topper Home Tutors will facilitate finding a tutor that best suit your requirement but it does not guarantee any success of any kind in any examination or test that your child may undertake.
  • You understand that home tutors need to be treated with respect and environment conducive to one on one study should be provided.
  • You understand that the final decision to choose a particular tutor for your child is yours and yours alone. You explicitly agree to indemnify Topper Home Tutors from any harm that may be caused by any advertent or inadvertent actions of the tutor.
  • You understand at least one guardian is present in the house during course of classes.
  • Any direct communication or arrangement with tutor regarding fees is prohibited. You understand that it violates contract between you and Topper Home Tutors. Tuitions will be discontinued and amount will not be refunded in such cases.